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Digital measures better: a Testo manifold can do this

When you measure with a Testo manifold

In addition to expert knowledge, it is above all precise measuring values which are needed for the comprehensive evaluation and correct regulation of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. And it is right here that Testo's digital refrigeration measuring technology has been proving its worth for years:

Far more precise measurement results with more consistent accuracy than with analog manifolds

Ongoing updates of refrigerants

Automatic calculation of crucial system parameters

Convenient operation of manifold and Testo Smart Probes with App and Bluetooth

Which application are you interested in?

Adjusting systems
Testing systems
digital manifold

The digital manifold in use

In addition to the automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperature, along with superheating and subcooling, a Testo digital manifold supports you in these applications:
  • Controlling vaporiser superheating

  • Controlling suction steam superheating

  • Checking the effect of internal liquid/suction steam heat exchangers (IWT)

  • Checking the driving temperature difference

Digital refrigeration measuring technology can do it better

Digital manifolds and the testo Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit outperform analog measuring technology in many respects.

At least twice as accurate: The testo 550 2-way manifold and the testo 570 4-way manifold have an accuracy of ± 0.5% of f.v. (± 0.3 bar) for a measuring range of 60 bar.

Unambiguous values: You can always rely on the measuring values displayed and the long-term stability of the measuring technology.

No matter whether it is a 2-way manifold, a refrigeration technology manifold with comprehensive features or the Testo Smart Probes with smartphone operation: which instrument is right for you always depends on your requirements. Contact us for more information.

testo Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit

Intuitive measurement menus


Automatic calculation: Evaporation and condensation temperature, along with superheating and subcooling. No more error-prone manual calculations.
Optimized operation: User-oriented measurement menus guide you through the measurement efficiently and conveniently.


For precise pressure measurement

A pressure gauge ensures that water and gas pipes, along with gas heating systems, function properly. An absolute pressure meter is in turn particularly suitable for flow measurement in ducts, laboratories and production processes, because it compensates the density here.

More measuring instruments for the refrigeration professional.

For reliable vacuum measurement

Do you want to evacuate refrigeration systems in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications regarding absolute pressure? Then you should take a look at our testo 552 vacuum gauge. Its high-precision, flexible alarm threshold values and App connection provide everything you could possibly wish for.

For reliable leak detection

On the one hand, a leak detector is indispensable for detecting escaping refrigerant and on the other hand for discovering leaks on gas pipes. At the same time, alarms and flexible probes ensure a whole lot more safety and convenience.